Tour of US Bank Stadium

Thanks to Paul and Barb we had an opportunity to check out the new home of the Minnesota Vikings last weekend!!

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Joey sounding the Gjallarhorn
2016-08-07 18.59.10

Joey running out of the players tunnel

Hanging in the locker room

Joey catches a touchdown!!!

Where I belong in the stadium 🙂 feels like home!
2016-08-07 18.20.52

This seating is unreal
2016-08-07 18.49.09

4th of July – 2013

We spent wonderful week up at the cabin with the family. The weather could not have been better!! As usual, the kids all had fun playing and there was a lot of tubing behind the new Netzinger boat, we went to the local parade, visited a county fair, made smores, drifted around on tubes, went on a horse pulled carriage ride, launched model rockets, visited the some historical sites, maintained our GeoCache, went fishing, visited “Florida Point”, went on many pontoon trips, and hung out with friends.

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2013-07-04 10.51.09

A picture with great Gma and Gpa after launching model rockets


Big Joe pulling the boys

Carolyn managed very well with her bad foot

After the parade
2013-07-04 13.18.05

Fun times in town with the carriage ride
2013-07-03 12.06.09

Shane and Nicky’s new boat
2013-07-05 15.30.52

Where’s the candy?

At the GeoCache
2013-07-05 13.23.19-2

The good old Tilt-o-whirl
2013-06-29 15.39.54

Ready for fireworks
2013-07-04 21.39.29

A weekend in Atlanta

Last weekend I had asked the kids to name a few places they would like to visit in the upcoming week. Elizabeth responded, “Georgia”. I thought this was kind of funny because I was already going to be there for work but agreed knowing that there is plenty to do in the Atlanta area. So, Carolyn and the kids flew down on Thursday evening to join me. They had a little adventure going through Milwaukee to get there and when they landed there were some pretty ugly storms approaching. It made for an interesting arrival but we got them safely to the hotel.

On Friday we went to the Atlanta Aquarium, followed by the World of Coke, and finally a CNN tour. We enjoyed all of them. The Aquarium was my favorite and of course the kids REALLY liked tasting all of the soda flavors available at the end of the Coke visit. The most disgusting flavor was from Italy – ick!!

We started Saturday with the Waffle House and went to Zoo Atlanta. This was Carolyn’s favorite visit as we watched various monkeys and gorillas. In addition, we saw elephants, zebras, and giraffes. We were only about 20% through the zoo when Carolyn took a bad step and hurt her foot. This abruptly ended our zoo tour and our trip. After picking up some crutches and getting help from the airport courtesy people we made it home safely and were able to get Carolyn settled in. Good memories for the kids and a interesting story with the foot 🙂

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The aquarium is amazing!
2013-06-14 12.11.10

2013-06-14 12.14.52

2013-06-14 12.04.52

This exhibit reminded me of Hawaii. It was fun to point out all the fish we had seen when snorkeling last fall

Joey loved all the living creatures that he could touch

The kids were crabby when they saw the crabs…
2013-06-14 11.45.53

The Coke Bear

With one of the London Olympic Torches

The next generation of news anchors?

We ended the day with a purchase of some new t-shirts and a swim at the hotel pool
2013-06-14 17.49.58

On Saturday we went to Zoo Atlanta

The zoo was wonderful!

This guy had something stuck in his teeth. Crazy tongue action

The last picture of Carolyn on her own two feet 🙁
2013-06-15 11.02.17

Carolyn at home on Sunday with a hurting foot

Elizabeth’s 4th Grade volcano project

Elizabeth teamed up with Ella and Ruby on a volcano project and “the Dads” were put in charge of this project by our spouses. Kyle coordinated so that we could get the project going, Matt encouraged the girls to be creative, and I looked for the most explosive eruption which was Mentos and Diet Coke instead of the baking powder solution 🙂

The girls did a great job! They were very creative with all of the details of pine and palm trees, painting, water, and dinosaurs.

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During the build
2013-05-31 16.50.55-1


Post eruption at school
2013-06-04 13.29.32

Creating the foundation
2013-05-29 17.48.48

Getting messy
2013-05-29 18.08.30-2

Test eruption’ – We doubled the Mentos for the real one 🙂

The finished product
2013-05-31 18.21.35