Spring Break 2009 – Fun times during a cold and rainy spring break

We went up to Alexandria to the Arrowwood resort to get away during spring break and have some fun in the water.  This was a first for us on many levels, first real spring break with the kids, first time for them at a water park and the first time in a hotel.

We all enjoyed water slides, swimming, lazy rivers, a big pool, hot tubs (for a short time each) and fun with their new goggles and diving rings.   I was the one doing most of the diving for the rings as both Elizabeth and Joey like to throw them for me to retrieve.  Joey started to jump in by himself and Elizabeth continues to improve her swimming skills.  They both braved the BIG water slide with Carolyn and I.  Joey shied away after I ‘ran him over’ when we hit the water 🙂 He kept saying, “Daddy, I don’t want to drool”. We think he meant drown 🙂

Carolyn and I are excited to sleep in our own bed tonight as we have been kicked to death each night sleeping with the kids.

Elizabeth asked if we can go back sometime as we were leaving today, that’s always a good sign!

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Here was the view outside while we were there…

That didn’t matter because inside was warm and lots of fun!!

I have some videos to share.  Here is a good view of the main play area and the bucket that spills out every couple of minutes…

Both of the kids enjoying the ‘fast’ water slide…

Both of them enjoying the ‘lazy’ water slide…

The kids at their first Wild game!

A big thanks to Matt and Candy for the tickets. Carolyn, the kids and I enjoyed a great afternoon at the Wild game today. I’m a little scared that Joey is taking a liking to hockey though! 🙂  While Joey liked the horn when the Wild scored, Elizabeth covered her ears and leaned into Mom.  I really enjoyed that Joey is starting to pay attention to this stuff and look forward to many sporting events together.

Thanks again Matt and Candy, we had a great time!!

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Gramps and I go to Phoenix for Spring Training

We tried to make it to Florida to see the Twins but the flights were full. With a little help from Artur and Justin (thanks guys!) we flew into Tucson and had a nice drive over to Phoenix.

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The Peoria Sports complex is an awesome experience!

Thanks for joining me Grandpa, I had a great time!  Hopefully next year we can make it to Ft Meyers.

Here is a video of our view at the game