Memorial Day Weekend – 2015

We enjoyed two days of sun at the cabin which was great. The kids played and Elizabeth braved the cold water on the paddle board. Joe, Nix, and I took our annual trip to ‘Upper Loon’ with a few guests and we reconnected with friends that we had not seen over the winter.

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Elizabeth confident that she will not fall in – and she did not!

Joey was loving getting back to fishing

Team “Upper Loon”

Catching up with friends playing washers and Jumbo Jenga


I let the kids hack up my beard – I had some explaining to do when people started showing up 🙂

We checked up on our remote GeoCache – all is good! Someone left their tags in it, fun!

Carolyn’s favorite – a bunch of sunset pictures from me 🙂
2015-05-23 21.31.04


Spring Break 2015 – The Grand Canyon

This year for an early thaw we made it down to Phoenix for some warm sun and to check out the Grand Canyon. We spent a couple of days at the pool and one very rewarding day to visit the Grand Canyon. It was quite the site to see! We all enjoyed it very much although we did not get to enjoy for as long as we would have liked. As usual, pictures do not do this landmark justice.

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2015-03-24 13.24.23

2015-03-24 13.00.13

2015-03-24 13.17.52