Burnsville won the 7th Grade Football Championship!

The year was up and down as mentioned here and the boys pulled it together for the playoffs and RAN THE TABLE!! It was very exciting to see them recover from being down early in a few games and in the semi finals they were doing so well the other team forfeited the second half of the game. 

Congrats to the boys for a great year!!

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Joey watching over the field


Berra ran over, through, and past people all day!


The defense really was locking down the line


Jeremy got loose!


Howard breaking free…


Vargas got in for one!


A little celebration chant 🙂


Victory lunch w/Grandma and Grandpa


Glacier & Theodore Roosevelt National Parks – 2018

This summer we went on another national park adventure with the Lenzen family. We played games, had camp fires, smores, hiked (and sweated), swam, rafted, kayaked, canoed, enjoyed camping food, ice cream, and each other’s company.

Our trip started with a stop west of Fargo, a night in western Montana, and finally arriving in Glacier National Park which was our home for about 8 days. We decided to leave Glacier early to break up the trip and spend a day in Theodore Roosevelt National Park, camping in Medora.

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The kids on our first night at the river near our campground in Glacier

Slow motion waterfall with the boys

The kids enjoying their hikes 🙂


Hike to Hidden Lake overlook


I was loving all of the colors






Thank goodness the snow cleared on the Road to the Sun

Kayaking on the blue water of Lake McDonald


Many Glacier hikeIMG_2770-2









A day in Canada



Back in ‘Merica!


Teddy’s Park



Medora Musical

Elizabeth’s 4th Grade volcano project

Elizabeth teamed up with Ella and Ruby on a volcano project and “the Dads” were put in charge of this project by our spouses. Kyle coordinated so that we could get the project going, Matt encouraged the girls to be creative, and I looked for the most explosive eruption which was Mentos and Diet Coke instead of the baking powder solution 🙂

The girls did a great job! They were very creative with all of the details of pine and palm trees, painting, water, and dinosaurs.

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During the build
2013-05-31 16.50.55-1


Post eruption at school
2013-06-04 13.29.32

Creating the foundation
2013-05-29 17.48.48

Getting messy
2013-05-29 18.08.30-2

Test eruption’ – We doubled the Mentos for the real one 🙂

The finished product
2013-05-31 18.21.35

Our first model rocket launches!

After building our rockets and fixing some mistakes we received our order of rocket engines today in the mail. It was perfect timing because tonight was a beautiful night with little wind. So, we all jumped in the car and ran down to a local park for some initial launches.

We were worried about losing Elizabeth’s rocket because of the small size and the altitude that it reaches so we stuck to the larger rockets that Joey and I built.

As instructed, we started with the smaller engines and then got a little more confident and went with the ‘big boys’ on the second launches (my launch was not recorded).

Thankfully we recovered the rockets with each launch and have more rocket engines for future launches. Carolyn is saying that I am enjoying this more than the kids 😉

Next up is taping a small HD camera to the rockets to record the flight – stay tuned…

I recommend this activity for anyone with kids as it has been a fun journey!

2013-05-10 19.21.22

Elizabeth launches “Big Bertha” – 200 ft

Joey launches “Amazon” – 200 ft

Joey launches the “Amazon” again with a cheering section and a larger rocket engine – 600 ft

Spring Break 2013 – Disney World

We made a break for it on Monday and flew to Orlando for a couple of days to visit Disney World. It had been two years since our first visit there and the kids were excited to see some new things and remember some others they had forgotten. We planned on two days of park visits. The first day was at the Magic Kingdom. Even though it was the same week of the year that we visited two years ago the temperature was completely different. Our last visit was 90+ and sometimes miserable in the heat. This time we were bundled up with temps trying to reach 50 degrees.

We started at Belle’s house which is a new ‘show’ and then proceeded to see some of the other princesses, fairies, and characters such as Buzz Lightyear and Captain Jack Sparrow who we missed in our previous visit. On the second day, the plan was to start at Hollywood Studios and then Epcot later in the day. Unfortunately, just as we were getting ready to pass into Hollywood Studios Elizabeth got sick and ended up with a short lived flu bug. The girls went back to the hotel for the day and Joey and I spent the day doing “guy stuff” and saw a few stunt shows and Starwars related activities.

It was a good trip and we made the best of it even with Elizabeth not feeling well.

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Cinderella’s Castle in the background.


We were early to the airport and did not make the first flight which Elizabeth was excited about so that we could hang out at the club!? 🙂
2013-03-25 08.25.03

The ride to Magic Kingdom
2013-03-26 08.15.09

The princess from Brave

2013-03-26 12.49.18

Joey was picked to play the part of the Beast with Belle and danced with her (I was jealous)
2013-03-26 09.43.08


Indiana Jones Show

The Star Tours show was awesome

The Lights, Motors, Action! show was very entertaining
2013-03-27 15.18.09

Polar Plunge 2013

We had another successful year at the Polar Plunge. With your help, Joey and I raised over $1,100 and our team total was over $2,300 for the Special Olympics of Minnesota. A special thank you to my Delta family for helping so generously 🙂

It was a lot of fun having many family members join (Little Joe, Big Joe, and Nix) this year along with some friends that included newbies and Plunge vets. Joey was a cool customer until we go to the event and then he expressed some concern. He was ready to go once we got in line and handled it like a champ!! Too bad that old Dad forgot to make a stop in the hot tub 🙁 Hopefully he returns with us next year! We were all so proud of him to try this experience. Thanks again for everyone’s contributions!

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After the jump we’re still smiling

Oh, it’s cold!

Pre-jump “warm up”

Nix – I mean Prince, Joe and me

Quite the crowd

Videos (all can be viewed here)