My first two days alone with the kids…

Carolyn left early on Wed morning to San Antonio, TX for David’s boot camp graduation. This is the first time that I’ve had the kids to myself for more than “an evening out” for Carolyn.

Thankfully the kids slept in for a while 🙂 We all got up around 8:30 and I got them ready quickly for music class which was @ 9:30. After that we picked up Gma Penni and went to the library. The kids had a lot of fun playing and picking out books. Elizabeth went grocery shopping with Gma and Joey and I went home to play. Later after dinner, we went to a park to play for about an hour.

On Thursday we had to run to gymnastics, Elizabeth did pretty good but she wanted me to be close to her. We were having a nice lunch until a bee decided to join us then EJ lost it! After Joey’s nap, we went to a park, had dinner and took baths.

Great Gma has the kids today at our home while I am at work. Thanks Gma for that!!

This experience makes me better appreciate what Carolyn does for our family everyday. Included are pictures from the park visits and gymnastics class..