A week at the cabin

We had our belated 4th of July cabin trip due to Dave and Stephanie’s wedding. It was a very relaxing week with my parents and our family only we had some good quality time and lots of fun!

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We thought of Uncle Stan when we saw this bear. Bear fight!! The kids were very eager to fish although we didn’t land much beyond a small bass and some sunfish. We spent a lot of time on the boats cruising around, playing in the water and sand, and the adults watched many sunsets.

I was extremely proud of both of the kids for trying tubing last week! The second day they went by themselves.

We went miniature golfing and go-karting. Of course, Joey and I won the race!!

The kids enjoyed the new tire swing…

Dan, LeAnn, and Murphy came to visit for a day. We enjoyed watching Dan water ski, the girls went tubing and Dan and I went knee boarding. Check out the stud that can still fit in his wet suit 🙂 We had a great day you two, thanks again for joining us!

I used my Android EVO 4G to create a video using the Time Lapse application. I set the phone on the dock and let it take pictures for over an hour.