The wrong van

When the four of us were leaving Menards today we all opened the doors of a silver Odyssey like ours. Unfortunately, it wasn’t our van. The guy inside the van was on his phone and understood that there are many vans that look like his. I am sure he was surprised when all of his doors opened unexpectedly and Joey was already in the van 🙂 It was a pretty funny experience.


A snowy Christmas

The news has been touting, “The biggest storm in 100 years”. Well, so far we have 8.5″ in our driveway.

The neighbors call our driveway the landing strip or helo pad. While I don’t kick myself often for deciding to have such a large driveway, this week may be one of those times that I do 🙂



Creating a monster

Since the release of Super Mario Brothers Wii, my routine has been a nightly gaming time with Joey playing SMB with him which has been fun but I will say that the fun of the game is wearing on me a little in the last week or so 🙂

Anyhow, today I was telling Joey that he was being a good boy and he responded, “I am a good boy so that I can play Mario”.

Oh boy, I have created a monster! If that’s what it takes to motivate him then it’s not so bad right??