A week in and around Itasca State Park

We spent a week in the Itasca State Park area this summer with the Lenzen family. It was a much shorter drive compared to last year. We had all kinds of weather from heat indexes well over 90 to seeing our breath and rain. It made for a fun variety of activities including hiking, biking, fishing, outdoor Sunday Mass, shuffleboard, swimming, watching movies and hanging out in the campers, geocaching, Viking’s pre-season football, outdoor cooking, shopping, go carts, laser tag, and of course walking across the headwaters of the Mississippi River. I would recommend this trip to anyone as there is something to do for all.

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At the head waters


Attended Sunday Mass outside at a beautiful grotto @ St. Mary’s2015-08-16 11.09.55

2015-08-16 11.13.01Geocaching 2015-08-17 13.04.28

Hiking adventures

At a fire tower  P1020855

Our home for the week
2015-08-14 17.19.47

Harry and the Henderson’s night during rain fall 2015-08-18 19.11.47

Camping in Duluth

Earlier this year we planned a trip with my parents to join us camping in Duluth. This was a special trip for us because Duluth was our summer trip as kids with Mom and Joe. It was a lot of fun to return there with them and share the Superior experience with the kids.

We visited the Glensheen Mansion, Gooseberry Falls, Duluth, and explored the scenic route of the shores on highway 61. It was foggy and overcast for parts of the weekend but it really cleared up when we needed the sun 🙂

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2015-08-09 Duluth

Check out this view from our camp ground 2015-08-09 Duluth

Picking agates – Elizabeth was having fun with the rocks
2015-08-09 Duluth

Joey loved the shore 2015-08-09 Duluth

The shore was beautiful in Two Harbors
2015-08-09 Duluth

A visit to the mansion 2015-08-09 Duluth

The kayak festival was right at the bottom of the hill from us. Pretty foggy for one of their races, they simply disappeared into the fog…
2015-08-09 Duluth

Cabin weekend w/Lenzen family

On our second cabin gathering for the summer along with many others (23 in total at the cabin!) we had a great time. On a windy day we had fun playing mini golf and driving carts. The following day the wind cut down and we spent a BEAUTIFUL day on the lake. We used every flotation device to get all 23 of us over to ‘Florida Point’. Kyle and I used a two person floaty with the help of the good Captain powering us over. We also sat on the lake with no wind for over an hour under the bright moon which was an absolute treat.

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2015-08-01 Cabin weekend w/Lenzen family

Kyle and I debated leaving them… 2015-08-01 Cabin weekend w/Lenzen family

A little racing action – the boys enjoyed it a lot
2015-08-01 Cabin weekend w/Lenzen family

The girls, not so much once we were done – ‘scary’. It probably didn’t help that I was doing my best impression of Rick Flair when passing them, ‘Woooo!!!’ 2015-08-01 Cabin weekend w/Lenzen family

Joey’s 10th Birthday Party

Joey had won some tickets to play paintball earlier in the year. When we asked him what he wanted to do for his birthday he said, “paintball”. He and three buddies joined him for some fun on a beautiful summer day. They were a bit hesitant at first but then started to get a feel for the ‘game’ as I tried coaching from the sidelines. Joey had finally advanced and did well. On his way back after a victory I was praising him until I heard some sniffling. I asked what happened and he showed me a nice welt on his neck. The next game he was hit on the inside of his bicep and was pretty timid after that. Hopefully time will let him forget and he’ll be back 🙂 A good day all around for fun!

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2015-07-25 Joey's 10th birthday party