First camping trip of 2013 – Baker State Park

We joined the Netzinger family and friends at their annual first camping trip of the year. We had not been on this trip since 2009. I went early on Friday afternoon to setup the camper and then picked up Carolyn and the kids after school to avoid setting up in the rain.

We enjoyed Friday night and most of Saturday but it was certainly muddy especially after all the rain on Saturday morning. The time with friends and family was great and the kids all had a great time together. A little (or a lot) of mud never killed anyone đŸ™‚ I hope to join the crew again next year.

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Playing at the park



Chloe and Broady’s first Geocache

A little rain while I prepare breakfast

Our first model rocket launches!

After building our rockets and fixing some mistakes we received our order of rocket engines today in the mail. It was perfect timing because tonight was a beautiful night with little wind. So, we all jumped in the car and ran down to a local park for some initial launches.

We were worried about losing Elizabeth’s rocket because of the small size and the altitude that it reaches so we stuck to the larger rockets that Joey and I built.

As instructed, we started with the smaller engines and then got a little more confident and went with the ‘big boys’ on the second launches (my launch was not recorded).

Thankfully we recovered the rockets with each launch and have more rocket engines for future launches. Carolyn is saying that I am enjoying this more than the kids đŸ˜‰

Next up is taping a small HD camera to the rockets to record the flight – stay tuned…

I recommend this activity for anyone with kids as it has been a fun journey!

2013-05-10 19.21.22

Elizabeth launches “Big Bertha” – 200 ft

Joey launches “Amazon” – 200 ft

Joey launches the “Amazon” again with a cheering section and a larger rocket engine – 600 ft