Carolyn and I have been to Hawaii twice before and were very excited to have Elizabeth, Joey, and my parents join us this time around. We had a lot of fun in the water, we snorkeled, the kids saw their first sea turtles, many of us were tossed around by powerful waves at different times, we drove up to 10,000 feet to see the top of the volcano, drove the road to Hana, visited a luau, submerged in a submarine to 131 feet, ate at a Pirate bar, drank coconut milk, discovered star fruit, ate like kings, queens, princes and princesses, and enjoyed a lot of quality time together. Carolyn and the kids went home before Mom, Joe, and I. We stayed to hop over to Honolulu so that they could see Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona. I hope to go back soon but I think that it’s time for a new island for Carolyn and me 🙂

Click here for the full photo album (almost 600 pictures)

Elizabeth drew in the sand

My snorkeling buddies
2012-09-22 09.37.02

A couple of fish that Elizabeth waved to

Hanging with Gramps on the lanai

At 10,000 feet with the bright sun in their eyes

Above the clouds

Luau time

The submarine
2012-09-24 11.25.08

At the floor of the ocean at 131 feet

A sunken ship

A beautiful black sand beach near the end of the road to Hana. Joey was really excited to see this because he had seen black sand beaches on Pirates of the Caribbean.

The blue of the water is amazing next to the black rock

Some of the wonderful flowers that can be found on the road to Hana

Mom and Joe on the submarine Bowfin

The view from our hotel in Honolulu

And finally, plenty of beautiful sunsets
2012-09-27 18.29.15