4th of July – 2013

We spent wonderful week up at the cabin with the family. The weather could not have been better!! As usual, the kids all had fun playing and there was a lot of tubing behind the new Netzinger boat, we went to the local parade, visited a county fair, made smores, drifted around on tubes, went on a horse pulled carriage ride, launched model rockets, visited the some historical sites, maintained our GeoCache, went fishing, visited “Florida Point”, went on many pontoon trips, and hung out with friends.

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2013-07-04 10.51.09

A picture with great Gma and Gpa after launching model rockets


Big Joe pulling the boys

Carolyn managed very well with her bad foot

After the parade
2013-07-04 13.18.05

Fun times in town with the carriage ride
2013-07-03 12.06.09

Shane and Nicky’s new boat
2013-07-05 15.30.52

Where’s the candy?

At the GeoCache
2013-07-05 13.23.19-2

The good old Tilt-o-whirl
2013-06-29 15.39.54

Ready for fireworks
2013-07-04 21.39.29