A fun weekend

Despite the crazy weather this weekend we had a great time. On Saturday we went to Dan Patch Day’s and came home soaked 🙂

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Playing the ‘grab’ game

It’s a race!

Carolyn and I then dropped the kids off with Grandma and Grandpa for the night and went out with neighbors for dinner and our first trip to the Shout House downtown near the Target Center. We had a great time!! I don’t know why we don’t have any pictures of Dan and Cassie!?

Today we ran some errands, Joey and I stopped and Uncle Nix’s, and we ended the day with a walk to the park on a beautiful night.

A wonderful outdoor Sunday!

We started our day with the new slip-n-slide which the kids have been excited for a few days to try out 🙂

We ran inside before a little storm rolled through. Once the blue sky showed itself again about an hour later, Joey and I decided to join Grandma and Grandpa for a canoe ride. This ride ended up being a little adventure! When we started the clouds didn’t look like they were going to come over us, we ended up with some sprinkles though. The lake got pretty choppy about half way through our trip which made it interesting coming back. We had to pull over and bail out the canoe a little bit because the waves (mostly from boats) were coming over the edge 🙂 A canoe ride is always fun unless you end up in the drink right?!

Buck Hill off in the distance…

Once we were back on land, we ended our adventure by showing Grandma and Grandpa a cache that Joey and I had found a couple of weeks ago. We then joined Carolyn, Elizabeth, Great Gma and Gpa for dinner. What a great day!!