Spring Break 2012 – A short trip to Duluth

We did not have any real plans for spring break this year but the kids had been wanting to fly somewhere. So, we decided to fly up to Duluth for an overnight at a water park hotel. As a bonus, we were able to hang out with Kim, Aron, and the kids!

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In front of the water ‘park’ area, the slides is where we hung out most of the time.

The slides

Making friends with the pilots
2012-03-29 11.14.13

Joey wanted a Ferrari, we settled with a VW 🙂
2012-03-30 13.16.59

Bed Races on Buck Hill

Today we had a blast with co-workers, friends, and family today at Buck Hill. A big thanks to my parents for hosting the pre and post party. Kim, Kim, Mary, and I teamed up as the California King and the three Queens and we were sponsored by Delta. It was great to see other Delta teams on the hill along with many other companies and individuals. There certainly were some great costumes 🙂

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Our wonderful team!


Video of one of our two come from behind wins

Pictures of some of our wonderful cheering squad