Joey has a cast and fun with EJ at family fun day…

Well, earlier this week Joey decided to jump down a few stairs (we don’t know how many) and hurt his foot/ankle.Ā  It’s not broken but it was painful enough that they put him in a cast for two weeks.

Tonight we had Joey stay with Grandma and Grandpa since he can’t walk with the cast šŸ˜ and took Elizabeth to Family Fun Day at St John’s.Ā  It was nice to have some special time with her šŸ™‚

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My long vacation is drawing to an end…

I was last in the office on December 11th, I had a week long training the week of the 15th and have had the last two weeks off. I’ve really enjoyed the time with Carolyn and the kids. I’ve also been working on finishing the bathroom project that I started 6 years ago. I put the ceiling in, mirror, lighting and have been mudding/sanding. I won’t be painting this weekend like I had planned but I’ve made some good progress and should finish in the next weekend or two, a video of the current progress is below.

Some of the stuff I’ve/we’ve been doing…

  • We went to the Childrens’ Museum where we have a new year long pass thanks to Grandma Penni and Grandpa Joe
  • Playing outside in the snow and inside with new toys
  • The kids had a great Christmas – especially at Pat and Mike’s playing with Chloe!
  • Vikings made the playoffs – I don’t know that they deserve it!?
  • Hung out with Ted and Elizabeth
  • Went shooting at the range with Jon and the guys
  • Carolyn has been out shopping a lot
  • I watched the Twolves give up a 22 point lead to lose against Dallas
  • We celebrated New Years with our neighbors which was a blast – a bad time BTW to be without charged camera batteries
  • And IĀ  have probably missed some stuff but good times all around!

Everyone have a great 2009!!

Here is a video of the bathroom progress…Ā  (BTW, Qik is a pretty cool technology.Ā  Checkout our mobile clips at