Polar Plunge 2013

We had another successful year at the Polar Plunge. With your help, Joey and I raised over $1,100 and our team total was over $2,300 for the Special Olympics of Minnesota. A special thank you to my Delta family for helping so generously 🙂

It was a lot of fun having many family members join (Little Joe, Big Joe, and Nix) this year along with some friends that included newbies and Plunge vets. Joey was a cool customer until we go to the event and then he expressed some concern. He was ready to go once we got in line and handled it like a champ!! Too bad that old Dad forgot to make a stop in the hot tub 🙁 Hopefully he returns with us next year! We were all so proud of him to try this experience. Thanks again for everyone’s contributions!

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After the jump we’re still smiling

Oh, it’s cold!

Pre-jump “warm up”

Nix – I mean Prince, Joe and me

Quite the crowd

Videos (all can be viewed here)