Fun pictures of the kids, Joey’s Christmas program and a day at the Children’s museum!

Catching up from a months worth of pictures 🙂

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Carolyn took some pictures of the kids for our Christmas cards…

Joey had his first Christmas program.  He did a great job smiling at the crowd but didn’t sing much 🙂  After the ‘performance’ we went for ice cream to celebrate

Today we had a BLAST at the Children’s Museum.  Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa for the year long pass!

(notice anything different about me?  I decided to see what I look like after years of facial hair.  I’ll just say that it’s coming back as Carolyn is scared)

Another Joey funny…

I was talking with the kids the other day and said something along the lines of, “you’re half Mommy and half Daddy, we made you.”  Elizabeth then argued and said, “No you didn’t” and then Joey responded and said, “you didn’t cut us out” as if they are crafts or something.  Pretty funny 🙂

The boys

It was great having Stan and Nix at home at the same time last week. It’s not often the four of us get to see each other.
Stan is back off to the desert again in a few days, we all look forward to his next visit!