Memorial Day Weekend

We had a great weekend at the cabin this weekend. We partied with neighbors, saved a old turtle from getting run over, played in a human hamster ball, played Dave’s new shuffleboard, and played bingo at the legion.

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Nix and I played bingo while the girls shopped, they later joined us for some mini-pitchers


A ride on the pontoon


Friday night…


This old boy was not too happy with us but we got him across the street safely


The slideshow


2011 Delta Block Party in Atlanta

We missed the MSP block party last year because we were at the cabin. The same conflict was scheduled this year. I thought that it would be fun to take Carolyn and the kids down to see where I stay and work when I visit Atlanta.

We headed down on Friday morning through Nashville (thanks Justin) and ended up at the hotel in the early evening. It was a lot of fun taking the kids through the airport and to the hotel where I usually stay. They were very curious and the mystery of where I am is now gone. The hotel staff upgraded our room for us which was really nice to have the extra space. We went swimming and then off to “Joe’s” for some dinner. The kids were sleeping until the hotel fire alarm went off and woke us all up 🙂 We were then off to the block party. The kids experienced some Georgia heat and were worn out pretty quickly. Especially Elizabeth who had dance performances late into the night two times earlier in the week.

We had a great time and we were home around dinner only about 24 hours after arriving in Atlanta this evening.

BTW, it was fun following Twitter via #DLBlockParty to keep up with what was happening.

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The kids and I at the Admin Building.


Joey in the SkyClub in Nashville…


Elizabeth and Joey enjoying their new bandanna’s


School Carnival – Minnow Races

I helped out today with the minnow races while Carolyn walked Joey and some buds around the school. We had a good time cheering on the little minnows in the races and the kids sure got into it. I was even lucky enough to have my own kids come through for some racing action.

Side note – I did learn that the game was originally setup for some parents as a drinking game 🙂

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