EJ Dancing

When I dumped the camera full of pictures I also found some movies that I recorded on it. I enjoyed the following the most. This one is a small clip, you can see more here. There are no thumbnails in this album so click on the “no thumbnail” link and you can download the movie there. **Note, some of these are 60MB so those without high speed may want to avoid these.

[qt:/blog/wp-filez/ejdance.mov 352 304]

A great weekend

We ended up not going to the cabin this weekend because of the weather.  We figured that we wouldn’t want to be trapped in the cabin in the cold and we knew the kids would want only to be in the water which wasn’t going to happen.

So, we stayed home and had a great weekend.  We went to the Zoo on Saturday, played outside a whole lot, and went to many parks.  The weather turned out to be great here in the cities.  We finished today with a family dinner, Mom and Joe brought over steaks and we had a great meal.

Many pictures added to the gallery

As usual, I neglect to dump pictures from our camera for far too long. Here is a summary of the pictures, click on the pic to go to the appropriate album.
A couple of pics from Memorial Day weekend.

We went to the zoo this weekend!

EJ’s last day of school 🙂

Added pictures from Easter…

A couple of pictures from the Doodlebop’s concert.


Random pictures from the winter…