A fun filled weekend

This weekend was pretty busy with some really fun events. On Friday night, the neighbor guys started out with some socialization around the fire at Dan and Cassie’s house. On Saturday, we went to the Delta Block Party where the kids enjoyed face painting, caricatures, and jump houses. All four of us enjoyed the give-aways, live music, lunch, and various treats. Carolyn took the kids home so that Joey could attend Jeremy’s birthday party and let me stay with Artur, Justin, and Stacey which was a lot of fun. We saw many co-workers and friends. On Sunday, we attended the Dan Patch Parade with some neighbors. The weather was beautiful and it was just plain fun all around 😉

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Block Party

Magic time

A limo at the carshow and the airport snow plow in the background

One of the many large jump houses

Hanging out after the family went home

At the parade

Spring catch-up

It’s been a busy few weeks in our family. Joey placed second in his first karate competition and I walked for my graduation. It was a lot of fun to watch Joe place in his competition since he worked so hard and I felt very blessed to have my entire family watch me walk for graduation.

Click here to view the full album for Joey’s karate competition

Click here to view the full album for my graduation ceremony

A VERY proud Joey!

His performance

With the kids…

With my buds, Paul and Christian