Nice weekends at home with friends and family

We had a couple quiet summer weekends at home with friends and family. We watched Twins and Vikings games on the deck with friends, had family over for a couple of meals, took a trip to the mall, stained the deck and play set, and attended a family reunion.

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Hanging with Grandma Hess at the reunion

The July and August Birthday crowd

Dad’s helper

Joey’s T-ball season comes to an end

This is a couple of weeks old but Joey had his last T-Ball game. I enjoyed watching my little bud play. Just like going to the Twins game a couple of weeks back, this is something a Dad dreams of for his boy.

Mixed in here are some pictures from an earlier game with Joey’s buddy Nathan.

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Intimidating at the plate 🙂


Golden glove?

Solid hit

National Night Out 2011

We had a great time with friends and neighbors tonight. Carolyn did a great job setting up to host tonight’s event. Thanks to everyone for bringing some great eats and especially Jon for feeding everyone some wonderful steak! We even had a visit from McGruff the Crime Dog who was a hit with the kids.

We filled a good sized bucket for the food shelf which Carolyn will deliver soon!

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Most of the gang

Mmm, steak


McGruff and Kevin