Spring Break 2013 – Disney World

We made a break for it on Monday and flew to Orlando for a couple of days to visit Disney World. It had been two years since our first visit there and the kids were excited to see some new things and remember some others they had forgotten. We planned on two days of park visits. The first day was at the Magic Kingdom. Even though it was the same week of the year that we visited two years ago the temperature was completely different. Our last visit was 90+ and sometimes miserable in the heat. This time we were bundled up with temps trying to reach 50 degrees.

We started at Belle’s house which is a new ‘show’ and then proceeded to see some of the other princesses, fairies, and characters such as Buzz Lightyear and Captain Jack Sparrow who we missed in our previous visit. On the second day, the plan was to start at Hollywood Studios and then Epcot later in the day. Unfortunately, just as we were getting ready to pass into Hollywood Studios Elizabeth got sick and ended up with a short lived flu bug. The girls went back to the hotel for the day and Joey and I spent the day doing “guy stuff” and saw a few stunt shows and Starwars related activities.

It was a good trip and we made the best of it even with Elizabeth not feeling well.

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Cinderella’s Castle in the background.


We were early to the airport and did not make the first flight which Elizabeth was excited about so that we could hang out at the club!? ūüôā
2013-03-25 08.25.03

The ride to Magic Kingdom
2013-03-26 08.15.09

The princess from Brave

2013-03-26 12.49.18

Joey was picked to play the part of the Beast with Belle and danced with her (I was jealous)
2013-03-26 09.43.08


Indiana Jones Show

The Star Tours show was awesome

The Lights, Motors, Action! show was very entertaining
2013-03-27 15.18.09

More pictures from Mom’s delayed bday party

The three of us boys purchased tickets to see Bill Burr for Mom’s birthday (bday was a month ago). We had a great time all night which started and ended at Stan’s house.¬†Hanging out with Stan’s buds, listening to music, dancing, laughing, etc was all part of ¬†the fun. Stan, thanks for hosting!

At the show we were constantly laughing and some of us were laughing to tears. I recommend anyone to go and see Bill, he is great.

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2013-03-23 20.54.32

2013-03-23 18.11.50


Stan’s Beaker Doll that the kids got him for Christmas and his matching shirt

2013-03-23 22.29.05