Pogo Sticks!

The neighbor kids introduced Elizabeth and Joey to their pogo stick and Elizabeth has been on a mission to get one of her own. We found some at TRU last weekend and the kids have been on them everyday when there is not snow on the driveway 🙂 Brings back memories and they are having a lot of fun counting their jumps before falling off.

New favorite toy? Pogo Sticks!

New favorite toy? Pogo Sticks!

Model rockets – finishing touches and blunders

This weekend we began to paint our model rockets. All was going very well with the kids picking their colors and learning to use spray paint. As they came in and out of the garage between coats of paint, I decided to ‘help’ the drying process on Joey’s rocket. His fins happen to be plastic and as I was looking around and holding his rocket in front of the heater I was shocked to look down and see the fins all curled up 🙁 Thankfully Joey took it well but I have been beating myself up hoping that I can get replacement parts or simply start a new rocket for him.

More to come! We plan to launch them on a WARM spring day with little wind. With some success launching these rockets, we are going to attach a ‘spy’ HD key ring camera like the one on this video. Should be fun!

The first pass…

2013-04-21 Model Rockets

The ‘overheated’ fins of Joey’s rocket compliments of Dad

2013-04-21 Model Rockets

Finished products minus Joey’s rocket 🙁 …
2013-04-21 Model Rockets

Building model rockets

We bought the kids model rockets for Christmas and we decided a rainy afternoon was a good time to start building them 🙂

The kids are very curious but also commented that they “just want to launch them”. I guess this is an example of our instant gratification based society. In the end, I hope they are proud of their work 🙂

Building model rockets, originally uploaded by Woldfamily.net.